How to remap PS4 Controller Buttons and Thumbsticks

Learn how to rearrange all the buttons and thumbsticks on your PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller.

This accessibility feature allows nearly any button input to be relocated and assigned to another button, all from within the PlayStation console. This adjustment can make games more enjoyable and easier to play, giving you freedom to customize your controller for any game.

Things To Know:

    • You can remap nearly all key inputs (X, O, Square, Triangle, R1/R2/R3, L1/L2/L3, Dpad Directions, Thumbstick Swap)
    • Remapping is done at the operating system level and therefore relays the changes to all games
    • You can enable and disable button mappings easily from your Settings Menu
    • Thumbstick directions can be swapped (southpaw), as well as the Thumbstick Clicks (R3/L3)
    • Only one remapping layout can be saved to a user profile


Step One: Find the Accessibility Menu on your PS Dashboard

Select Settings>Accessibility>Button Assignments>Enable Custom Button Assignments>Customize Button Assignments

Step Two: Customize your button mapping and Save Changes

Step Three: Game on  


 Step One: Find the Accessibility Menu

-Select the “Settings” icon


-Select “Accessibility”


-Scroll Down and select “Button Assignments”


-Check the box to activate “Enable Custom Button Assignments”


-Select “Customize Buttons Assignments”


Step Two: Review your button layout

The Customize Button Assignment screen displays your button changes visually to keep track of your layout. The image of the button on the Left (red rectangle)represents the physical button on your controller. The button on the Right (white rectangle) represents the input you want the Physical button to use.


Step Three: Remap your buttons

As an example, let’s remap “Triangle” to have the function of “Directional Pad Up”. To do so:

-Select Triangle and press X


-Select Directional Pad Up from the list and press X


Now you can see the Triangle Button is now assigned to the D-pad Up input. Additionally the original location for D-pad Up now automatically becomes the Triangle. Simply perform repeat this step for other input changes.

Button Legend 

Often times gamers confuse the images of R/R3 and L/L3 so we made a legend to make it clear.


How to view your Button Profile

Taking a photo may be easier to recall your layout, but if you need to quickly see your Button Mapping Layout simply navigate to Settings> Accessibility> Button Assignments. This screen can also be accessed during gameplay.


How to Turn Off Button Assignment Profile

To disable your customized layout, you can navigate to Settings>Accessibility and then make sure to Un-Check the box so that the feature is disabled. To reactivate your layout, simply recheck the box.



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