What are One Handed Controllers?

A one handed controller is designed specifically for accessible gamers with limited mobility or amputees. The concept is essentially to relocate the buttons that are not usable to the accessible side of the controller.

An example could be having your Right hand but no left hand. If we add buttons to the underside of the controller and a 3rd button, we can relocate Left Trigger, Left Bumper, and thumbstick click to the right side.

This leaves only the thumbstick remaining on the left side. Some gamers can't use the thumbstick as-is so we relocate it to a small housing. This allows you to physically relocate the thumbstick to a more accessible position, allowing you to customize your controller further for your gaming setup.

We offer one handed controllers for Playstation 4 as well as Xbox One, and even some legacy controllers. 

Check out our Accessible Gaming page here!

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