How do I write on my controller?

If you would like to add a graphic or custom text to your controller you will need to do this on the 1st step of our Controller Creator.

Once you have selected a shell you will see an option appear. On your desktop computer it will be to the left of your selection, on mobile it will be above your selection. The new option is the “Evil ID,” option. This option may not appear if you select a shell option that is not compatible with our Evil ID. On some device the option will still appear, but it won’t allow you to move forward to the Evil ID screen if you are on incompatible shell.

Once you select “Evil ID” as well as a compatible shell, you will have an option to add the Evil ID to the Left or Right Side of your controller.

If you need more assistance please give us a call during business hours. We are open Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (Mountain Standard Time.) Our phone number is: (877) 880-3845

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