What is the EVIL PRO Controller?

Xbox One Tournament Legal Pro Controller Features

Pro Button Remapping 

  • All functions are remappable (ABXY-DPAD-BUMPERS-TRIGGERS-THUMBSTICKS)
  • Remap in under 5 seconds! Simply press Windows button + Pro Button then release(rumbles twice)---Press button you want to assign(rumbles once)---DONE!
  • Note: No tools are required. Remap as you please

Pro Trigger Remapping 

  • Remap any function to your triggers
  • Included with all remappable pro controllers at no cost to you

Button Layouts

  • Select between either 2 or 4 pro button layouts
  • Pro buttons will not accidentally intiate like paddle designed controllers. Superior to any other design, exactly the button you're used to pressing

Hairpin Triggers

  • Our Hairpin triggers allow the user to pull the trigger extremely fast, due to the reduced tension.
  • By reducing the tension by over 50% you will notice an immediate change in your hairpin trigger finger, guaranteed.
  • Note: 100% Compatible with all games, no tools required, simply dominate.

Sensitive Buttons

  • Sensitive buttons replace the rubber squishy ABXY buttons with sharp tactile feedback switches
  • Reducing the travel of the button by over 90% you will notice an immediate difference in your gameplay
  • Initiating button presses are guaranteed faster than your standard controller.
  • Note: These buttons are sensitive, familiar to your typical mouse click

Matte Finished Backplate

  • We custom paint each pro controller with an exclusive matte finished grip, designed specifically for gamers who sweat
  • The backplate will increase your overall comfort, grip, and longevity of gameplay

Headset Compatibility

  • All headsets are compatible with our Xbox One Controllers
  • Enhanced bumpers are included, along with the 3.5mm port
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