What does the Master Mod include?

Adjustable Rapid Fire is designed to increase the rate of fire for single shot and semi automatic weapons. It is also used to reduce your recoil drastically and improving your accuracy. 

Drop Shot is one of the most effective mods. When firing, your character will automatically drop to the floor. This allows you to keep your thumb on the aiming thumb-stick, while firing upon your opponent. All the while you are dropping to the ground, making it extremely difficult for your enemy to hit you.

Akimbo Rapid Fire allows you to have rapid fire on both pistols while dual-wielding two pistols. You can operate both weapons by just pressing the left or right trigger.

Auto-Scope increases the accuracy of your gameplay. When this mod is active your aim will steady immediately. 

Auto-Run initiates a run by lightly tapping the left trigger and left thumbstick click when moving in any direction. This feature makes your gameplay experience more fluid and extends the life of your thumbsticks!

Fast Reload shaves significant time off your weapons reloads. Note that only specific weapons are compatible in Call of Duty.
Auto-Spot places a red indicator above your enemies head for you and your team to see. Once activated, the controller will automatically spot opponents with no effort on you end. Battlefield Series compatible only
Gears of War Series
Active Reloads are perfect every-time and is available for every weapon. Increases bullet damage and reload time significantly. Gears of War Series compatible only
Auto-Mark places an indicator above your enemies head for you and your team to see. Once activated, the controller will perform this action when you aim upon your opponents. Gears of War Series compatible only
Auto-Revive when downed by an enemy, using auto-revive will increase your chance of survival by lengthening your revival time. Gears of War Series compatible only


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